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Bio of Michael Bogdanow

michaelbogdanow.jpgMichael Bogdanow is an internationally recognized artist, attorney, author and musician. His vibrant and colorful paintings are contemporary in style, universal in appeal, and often inspired by Judaic texts. While a specific text may inspire a piece, once the painting begins, his goal is always to create a unique painting that transcends the text that inspired it and communicates as a work of art for all people, regardless of the background or knowledge of the viewer. His art is included in institutional and private collections and reproduced in and on the covers of numerous books, including Zohar: Book of Enlightenment, Wandering Stars - An Anthology of Jewish Fantasy and Fiction, Speaking Torah, The Book of Sacred Jewish Practices, Religion in der Grundschule and many others. His painting “Exodus” is the cover of Peri Smilow’s recording, The Freedom Music Project and his painting “And The Women Danced” is the cover of Sue Horowitz’s album, The Power and the Blessing. He was the featured artist for the Women of Reform Judaism’s 2110-11/5771 Art Calendar.

Michael Bogdanow received his undergraduate degree in studio art from Brandeis University (magna cum laude with honors in fine arts), master of fine arts degree in painting and sculpture from Columbia University, and law degree from Harvard Law School (cum laude). He maintains careers in art and law, and is a principal of the Boston law firm, Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow, P.C. (www.MeehanBoyle.com).

“Certainly art draws from the creative, nonverbal, aesthetic and spiritual part of the brain,” notes Bogdanow. “And law is more analytical, more verbal, more social and more direct. But there still is overlap. As an attorney I try to view each case individually and to be as creative as possible in addressing my client’s needs, and as an artist I include planning and objectivity as integral parts of the creative process.” 

In addition to his law and art practices, Bogdanow plays piano in the rock band, the “Titanic All Stars” and in a contemporary Jewish band. He and his wife Margie have three children and live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.