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Other Websites of Interest

Other Websites That May Interest You

www.bible.ort.org This is an amazing site, filled with Torah and Haftarah text, and a calendar to identify the Torah portion for any date.

www.jewishart.org Michael Bogdanow is an active member of the American Guild of Judaic Art. Its website is filled with links and information about Judaic artists, artisans, gallery owners and more.

www.mavensearch.com Huge Jewish Web Directory and Search Engine

Kolbo Fine Judaica Truly spectacular collection of Jewish books, ritual items, art, jewelry, talitot, kippot, CDs, cassettes, videos, DVDs and software. Selling on www.Kolbo.com and at 437 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA

Gil Roeder's Art Gil Roeder is an internationally known artist and photographer, who creates wonderful "Layered Media."

http://ajpjudaica.com  Artistic Judaic Promotions has a contemporary collection of contemporary Jewish art, Israeli and Judaic Jewelry, ritual items, ketubot, Jewish gifts for life cycle events and holidays, and much more.